Establishing a new perrenial pasture

Successful pasture establishment (and ongoing persistence and productivity) relies on the EverGraze principles of Putting the Right Plant in the Right Place for the Right Purpose with the Right Management.

Maximise the potential for success by:

  • regularly testing soils to identify and manage any soil limitations to pasture and livestock production
  • controlling weeds prior then use reliable sowing techniques, such as direct drilling to achieve high plant densities at establishment - critical for the economics of pasture improvement
  • selecting pasture species and cultivars suited to the rainfall, soil type, acidity, salinity, growing season length and any other environmental factors
  • sourcing accurate and independent information and advice on appropriate pasture species and interpreting soil test results
  • measuring the number of plants/m2  for each perennial species sown to see which pasture species persist or when/why they died out
  • making decisions to graze or destock the pasture based on the needs of the sown species and ground cover targets, to minimise weeds and ensure long-term pasture persistence
  • monitoring livestock performance (DSE/ha or kilograms of product/ha together with gross margins) from sown pastures compared with district benchmarks or other paddocks on the farm to calculate production benefits
  • increasing stocking rate, and if necessary, modifying the time of lambing/calving to efficiently utilise improved pastures. Consider the pros and cons of increasing stock numbers - increased returns, more capital, labour, risk, and pressure on infrastructure etc. It is particularly important to establish a plan for managing any increased risk and to regularly monitor outcomes against the plan.
  • assessing pastures and livestock condition regularly and calculating feed budgets to monitor and manage the risks of increasing stocking rates
  • applying fertiliser to meet the needs and production potential of the pasture
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