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Livestock Breeding and Genetics Forum

MLA’s inaugural Livestock Breeding and Genetics Forum was held in Brisbane on 21 February 2018. Attracting more than 350 attendees, the forum consisted of four sessions: data platforms; linking genetics to the end product and consumer; disruptive technology and the future of genetics; and culture change and adoption.

Quick links

Welcome and introduction

Welcome remarks Richard Norton Download Watch
Strategic direction of the National Livestock Genetics Consortium Michael Crowley Download Watch

Session one: Data platform

How can an accessible data platform add value to the Australian industry? Andrew Skinner Download Watch
Developing a large scale data platform Dr Rod Polkinghorne Download Watch
How does an accessable data platform work? Andrew Cooke Download Watch
Panel discussion: Data platform Mark Mortimer, Andrew Skinner, Dr Rod Polkinghorne, Andrew Cooke Watch

Session two: Linking genetics to the end product and consumer

The influence of genetics across the value chain Jason Strong Download Watch
Value based marketing - valuing genetics Tom Maguire Download Watch
Utilising the tools available to improve a consumer outcome Dr Alex Ball Download Watch
Panel discussion: Linking genetics to the end product and consumer Brett Coombe, Jason Strong, Tom Maguire, Dr Alex Ball Watch

Session three: Disruptive technology and the future of genetics

Opportunities for a multi-breed analysis Tom Bull Download Watch
The next generation of genetic technologies Professor Ben Hayes Download Watch
Advancement in Australian genetic evaluations Dr Rob Banks Download Watch
Panel discussion: Disruptive technology and the future of genetics Tom Gubbins, Tom Bull, Professor Ben Hayes, Dr Rob Banks Watch

Session four: Culture change

Creating a culture for adoption: will you play your part? Associate Professor Ruth Nettle Download Watch
Approach to adoption David Packer Download Watch

Concluding comments and Forum close

Concluding remarks Richard Norton Watch