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Feedbase Investment Plan’s final stages

The MLA Feedbase Investment Plan (FIP) is in its final stages. Final reports are coming in and the MLA feedbase team is developing an extension brief to ensure the value of this work to industry is optimised.

Focus groups

During June 2017, MLA hosted two focus groups in NSW and WA respectively to consolidate key messages from the research and discuss how MLA can maximise the value of research outputs. There is also an emphasis on continuous improvement to future pasture research programs.

The Sydney focus group included producers, Producer Research Site (PRS) group coordinators and researchers from NSW and Tasmania, while the Perth session was for Western Australian PRS participants and stakeholders. 

Each focus group had 16–18 participants, including MLA staff and the Feedbase Communication Coordinator. Similar activities had previously been held or Victoria and SA to harvest this information.

The objectives of the focus group were to:

  • confirm and add to the key messages from the FIP/PRS projects in each state
  • identify knowledge gaps that have emerged and identify high priorities for future work
  • identify how users (producers and advisers) of the research outcomes want information delivered
  • identify supporting resources required to extend the research outcomes from the projects represented at the meeting
  • distil the learnings about the FIP Program model to enable continuous improvement in future pasture research programs.

The next steps

Through the life of the FIP, MLA has worked with project teams to deliver progress reports to producers through MLA’s existing delivery channels, such as Friday Feedback and Feedback magazine in addition to the extension products produced during the projects themselves.

During the coming months, the MLA feedbase communication coordinator team will continue to liaise with project leaders to distil key messages from the research projects and develop a range of factsheets as an initial and extension effort.

MLA will continue to consolidate the feedback from the focus group activities, draw together the key messages from the final reports and develop a plan for the development and packaging of relevant extension resources to assist with the dissemination of outputs from the FIP.

More information

Final reports

Many of the final reports from FIP research projects have now been submitted and work is underway to draw together the key messages and outcomes from these projects.  A number of the final reports are now available on the MLA website: