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MLA’s Co-Innovation program

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA)’s Co-Innovation program is designed to build capability and accelerate the adoption of projects designed to transform the Australian red meat industry. The program supports Co-Innovation program managers to scope, develop and implement approved projects designed to solve the strategic problems facing their company and the broader industry. From product traceability systems that validate the integrity of Australian beef to on-farm data capture and analysis systems that support real time management decisions, the projects undertaken have real practical benefits for Australia’s red meat industry.

For each project a final report outlining the project objective(s), what was done, what was learnt and what’s next is made available for industry participants to review.   

Co-Innovation managers are supported by MLA’s relationship managers, peer network meetings and capability building modules designed to assist them to succeed in their roles. Previous Co-Innovation managers have fast-tracked their careers in industry through the contacts, skills and experiences they developed through the program.

Co-Innovation program overview


Benefits of the Co-Innovation program

  • improvements in innovation capability including business performance, collaboration and culture
  • fast-tracking the development and implementation of initiatives designed to transform industry
  • reporting of public final reports to broader industry
  • implementation and validation of MLA’s strategic priorities in partnership with industry.

Capability building modules

The following modules have been designed to assist Co-Innovation managers succeed in their roles. Click on the links to complete the self-guided topics on the essential skills to excel in the role.

Case studies

The following case studies are examples of initiatives undertaken as part of MLA’s Co-Innovation program. Completed projects have a two-page summary, final public report and in some cases, short videos that demonstrate the transformational change achieved by each project. Ongoing projects are profiled in a video that showcases progress to date.

To get involved

Download application forms and MDC guidelines

Download the MDC milestone report template and final report template

Download Co-innovation strategy on a page template

Final report library

You can search MLA and MLA Donor Company final reports here.