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Vital 57 - Winter 2014 

- A healthy weight starts with protein 

- Target iron and zinc with obesity in infancy

- Higher protein for healthy ageing 

- Meal composition and health outcomes 

- PREVIEW - defining effective diet and lifestyle for diabetes prevention

Vital 56 – Autumn 2014

- Gut microbiota – what role can diet play?

- Ironing out weighty issues in young women

- More protein with ageing for active body and mind

- Grass vs grain – what is the difference?


Vital 55 – Summer 2014

- A new look at protein

- The first 1,000 days – the critical nutrition window

- New FAO report – tackling climate change with livestock


Vital 54 – Winter 2013

- Metabolic health – the consumer’s perspective

- Higher protein, low GI diets – evidence and practical considerations

- Dietary fibre and gut health – effects beyond the gut

- Prevention at the genome level for health and longevity


Vital 53 – Summer 2013

- Sustainable diets – what do we know?

- The evidence base – Sustainable diets

- Dietary advice for health and environment


Vital 52 – Winter 2012

- Building muscle mass and function in the elderly: a diet and exercise strategy

- The RESIST study: dietary strategies to improve insulin sensitivity in overweight adolescents

- Higher protein diets, satiety and weight management


Vital 51 – Autumn 2012

- Diabetes – investigating the zinc link

- ‘Look good, feel good’ – a weight loss plan for young women

- Beef mince – lower fat is a popular option

- Meat Standards Australia – great tasting beef every time


Vital 50 – Spring 2011

-  Exercise and a protein boost – building muscle in older women

- Meat in the diet – making it easy for the elderly

- Iron deficiency – prevalence in young women

- Connected Cooking – useful resources


Vital 49 – Winter 2011

- Weight loss that works for young women

- Gen Y – unique challenges for effective weight loss

- Weight gain – how big is the problem in young women?

- How to tackle obesity in young women – tips from a panel


Vital 48 – Winter 2011

- Food as meals – 2007 Australian National Children’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey

- The ABC of healthy eating

- Australian main meal repertoires


Vital 47– Summer 2010

- Starting solids in obesogenic environments

- Insights from mums on starting solids

- Combating micronutrient deficiencies during early childhood in low income populations


Vital 46 – Winter 2010

- Integrating food production, environmental sustainability and nutrition

- Understanding differences in red meat production – grassfeeding vs grainfeeding

- The impact of production practices on meat fat composition

- The environmental impact of different production practices


Vital 45 – Autumn 2010

- Smart slimming – exploring potential links between obesity, iron deficiency and cognition

- Diet and depression

-  Exercise, rest and the brain

- Cooking skills

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