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Industry issues

MLA commissions independent and apolitical research to inform industry on priority issues and support policy development – through the Peak Industry Council (PIC) structure – for the benefit of the red meat and livestock industry.

These industry issues range from carbon pricing and credits to transport and water policy, chemical reforms and food security.

Research framework

An industry issues research framework has been drafted to ensure research commissioned by MLA:

  • is independent and credible;
  • aligns with industry policy priorities (as determined by the PICs);
  • clearly outlines the roles of MLA and the PICs, and
  • aligns with the Deed of Agreement between MLA and the Department of Agriculture.

The Deed of Agreement clearly prohibits MLA from undertaking lobbying activities, therefore MLA commissions independent consultants.

MLA engages key industry stakeholders throughout each consultancy to provide input on draft reports and key progress meetings with the consultant. The final research is provided to PICs, other peak bodies and Government, and is also made publicly available.

The Australian Government and levy payers each contribute 50% towards the research commissioned by MLA.

Research reports

The following reports have been prepared by independent consultants on behalf of MLA since 2009: