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Beef export supply chain tracking - a pilot trial

Project start date: 02 December 2019
Project end date: 15 April 2020
Publication date: 12 January 2021
Livestock species: Grain-fed Cattle, Grass-fed Cattle, Sheep, Goat, Lamb
Relevant regions: National
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The project was contracted to identify and implement current technologies that will be used to prevent counterfeit Australian red meat products within an Australian Wagyu beef supply chain. It was to highlight the value proposition of these technologies to the entire supply chain through questionnaires conducted through mobile applications. 

Unfortunately, the contract was never executed and therefore the project did not commence.


This project was contracted to deliver the following:

  • trusted beef provenance, with Blockchain-enabled app to boost the value of Australian beef and protect against fraudulent imitation products.
  • ensure meat quality and food safety with real-time meat condition monitoring and reporting, allowing on-the-spot corrective actions
  • test the value of the technologies for beef producers and their customers through the pilot trials and customer feedback on value and usage of the technologies.

MLA action

MLA invests in food and product traceability activities include benchmarking, standards and building the capacity of the industry.

MLA collaborates with Codex Alimentarius activities, food safety systems and GS1 product identification systems to ensure that the work we do aligns with global directions.

MLA is investing in capacity building looking at possible technology solutions, co-funds commercial case studies and funds market research.

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