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eNVD user research

Project start date: 01 July 2020
Project end date: 22 February 2021
Publication date: 16 April 2021
Project status: Completed
Livestock species: Grain-fed Cattle, Grass-fed Cattle, Sheep, Goat, Lamb
Relevant regions: National
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This project used human-centred design to understand and analyse the electronic National Vendor Declaration (eNVD) system and users to ensure system changes and enhancements provide the best user experience and increase integrity data and compliance.

The insights delivered through this project will drive a consistent user experience in:

  • eNVD and other integrity system services
  • the design and development of key features
  • changes to the eNVD system including offline use, consignment receival and enforcer access.


The project had the following broad objectives:

  • plan and conduct research: requirements gathering, interviews, and usability testing
  • analyse data: transcribe and synthesise research to build affinity including tasks, pain points and opportunities
  • summarise findings: update design tools, build and test concepts and prototypes and provide written reports and resources.

Key findings

  • Much of industry’s integrity systems are not yet digital and are disconnected from one another.
  • Current solutions do not cover all common scenarios (e.g. saleyards, multi-vehicle transport, cross-loading, studs), and may have incorrect underlying assumptions (e.g. Part B of the LPA NVD, PICs).
  • Paper solutions are preferred because of the perception of flexibility and lack of validation.
  • The supply chain is inefficiently checking and correcting paperwork and is investing in solutions in isolation where a global solution is required.

Benefits to industry

There are several benefits to industry, including:

  • better, more suitable and consistent user experience using eNVD and other systems
  • detailed analysis of livestock movement ecosystem to be used for better service/system design, understanding/onboarding of industry practices and identification natural adoption pathways
  • solutions for key challenges using the eNVD system including access without connectivity
  • identification of opportunities to remove pain points and duplication of compliance-based activities.

MLA action

After reviewing the findings of this project, MLA plans to:

  • adopt several quick wins for development of the eNVD system
  • design and develop eNVD and other integrity systems using insight-driven principles and understanding
  • develop a mobile app for offline use, better consignment notification and non-intrusive enforcer access
  • review and adopt other recommendations for removing pain points and duplication, taking national approaches to governing business rules and legislation, and opportunities for integration with other systems and datasets.

Future research

On-going research and user-centred design is recommended to inform the continuous improvement of eNVD and to transform ISC’s core services into an integrated integrity system. 

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