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Evidence-based digital traceability trials for beef exports to China - Digital / physical supply chain verification

Project start date: 04 March 2020
Project end date: 23 March 2021
Publication date: 28 April 2021
Project status: Completed
Livestock species: Grain-fed Cattle, Grass-fed Cattle, Sheep, Goat, Lamb
Relevant regions: National
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Within the Australian red meat industry, there are barriers and opportunities for using a blockchain enabled supply chain traceability technology to connect the physical end-to-end beef supply chain with the digital supply chain.

This project analysed a fully integrated beef supply chain traceability solution that connects a producer and exporter to international retailers and end-consumers.

The project demonstrates the ability to capture the various processes and movements from paddock to plate, highlighting a pragmatic, trusted and effective approach to connect this extraordinarily complex beef supply chain with a digital traceability solution.


The project’s primary objective was to further understand the intricacies of the physical beef supply chain for retail ready product, allowing the Aglive supply chain traceability solution to meet the needs of complex process components. This would further increase the usage of such solutions across the beef supply chain, supporting the elimination of food fraud and increasing the efficiency (speed, accuracy and quality) of the beef product through its supply chain from origin to end-consumer.

Key findings

  • Through its blockchain-enabled supply chain traceability technology partner, Aglive, an Australian Black Angus Beef company has been able to capture the various processes and movements in the supply chain from paddock to plate.
  • There is a clear ability for a blockchain-enabled supply chain traceability solution to remediate and ultimately eliminate fraud, increase product quality and provide closer communication between the producer and the consumer.
  • The trials demonstrated that Aglive technology is solid (from a technical perspective) for this application.

Benefits to industry

It is expected that an end-to-end supply chain traceability solution will be of benefit to other supply chains. This solution would provide producers with increased transparency of where their product ends up, while supporting future customer requirements.

MLA action

MLA will investigate funding further demonstration projects to allow industry to evaluate their suitability.

Future research

  • Supply chain traceability and information systems need to be further developed and demonstrated to offer benefits to supply chain participants and consumers.
  • Demonstration of commercial systems in real supply chains allows opportunities for demonstration and learning, not only by the participants but also by the wider industry. Further attention needs to be given to understanding consumer responses to systems.

More information

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Primary researcher: AgLive Pty Ltd