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Manual measure single tower primal cutting system demonstration - Wagstaff Cranbourne Pty Ltd

Project start date: 15 February 2019
Project end date: 20 September 2019
Publication date: 21 July 2021
Project status: Completed
Livestock species: Sheep, Lamb
Relevant regions: Victoria
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The LEAP Manual Measure Single Tower Lamb Primal System developed between MLA and Scott Automation and Robotics was installed and evaluated on-site at Wagstaff Cranbourne.

The system cuts a lamb carcase into its first three primals at a rate of 5 carcasses per minute. It is simpler to install than other systems and improves cut accuracy and yield benefits over manual methods while also offering the ability to add an additional tower and X-ray system in the future.


  • The site installation and trial operation of the STP system with a manual measure system. This system will be evaluated by the CBA.
  • An open day was held to demonstrate the system’s capability to leaders in the red meat industries.
  • The system aims to further demonstrate the system to other processors, interested parties and/or potential customers to view the system in action at Wagstaff Cranbourne,.

Key findings

  • Machine operated above designed throughput, averaging 5.3 carcasses per minute.
  • An issue of the system was its ability to process large mutton, as the machines blades would fail. This drawback was minimised during the project with the system fully capable of cutting large mutton by completion.
  • The system is currently limited, typically by room capacity and operators rather than machine performance. Cuts an average of 1718 carcases per day when in use.

Benefits to industry

As a result of this project, Scott and MLA have a number of critical technology upgrade modules for incorporation into future installations and retrofitting to existing integrated Leap processing systems.

Future research

  • Further work is required however as blade life is still compromised when cutting larger carcasses.
  • Work is still required on the carriage and gripping points which will be important in ensuring the system can handle large lamb/ mutton carcases.
  • Review linkages between manual measure and small footprint DEXA.

More information

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Primary researcher: Scott Automation