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Sheep Genetics software and technical support

Did you know, the Sheep Genetics database has improved software and technical support to improve users’ experience.

Project start date: 20 January 2021
Project end date: 29 June 2021
Publication date: 07 February 2022
Project status: Completed
Livestock species: Sheep
Relevant regions: National


This project is a support model to support digital infrastructure and software for the Sheep Genetics team. Sheep Genetics has a range of digital products and software that are in different platforms and using different program languages.
This support will include:
1. Identifying risks in products that Sheep Genetics need to manage and support from third parties
2. Supporting Sheep Genetics staff to maintain current infrastructure
This support approach has been supported by MLA IT and ISC.


A consultancy between MLA and Servian to include but not limited to;

1. Support what was done during project Sheep Genetics Database Re-development – Phase One (L.GEN.1906)
2. Assess the risks, opportunities and quality of third party software and APIs that Sheep Genetics are required to take over
3. Provide ongoing support for new and existing infrastructure and software including APIs, the new Sheep Genetics search site and other infrastructure maintained by Sheep Genetics.

Key findings

Software and technical support for the Sheep Genetics database was established and provided.

Benefits to industry

Technical and software support to Sheep Genetics

MLA action

MLA continues to re-develop and improve the Sheep Genetics website and database with further phases currently being implemented.

Future research

Continual development of the Sheep Genetics database will continue for improved industry use for its stakeholders and on-going support is required.


For more information

Contact Project Manager: Peta Bradley