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Animal health diagnostic technologies - scoping study

The aim of this scoping study was to identify potential technologies and commercially available products that have the capacity to detect and locate shy feeders and ill-health in a feedlot environment. The study included technologies and products from cattle-related backgrounds, from other agricultural and livestock fields, and from areas completely unrelated, including those developed for the monitoring of humans.

Nearly 40 products and systems were identified and assessed. The following essential criteria were used to determine the utility of the reviewed products/systems, resulting in a suitable system capable of:

  • Early detection of ill-health or shy feeding individuals,
  • Locating the sick or shy individual animal within the feedlot,
  • Meeting all environmental suitability criteria, and
  • Costing < $8 per head if reusable, but preferably < $4 per head (based on discussions with feedlot managers).

This scoping study suggests that few technologies and products in their current form can be an effective system for deployment in Australian feedlots. That said, all of the technologies or systems that have been reviewed would require re-deployment of monitoring devices on multiple animals in order to meet the cost criteria. The greater potential for re-use will therefore decrease the cost-per head.



Title Size Date published
1.2MB 29/07/2015


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
Animal Health Diagnostic Tests
01/05/2014 01/10/2014

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