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Epidemiology and management of bovine respiratory disease in feedlot cattle. Part A: Epidemiology study

B.FLT.0225 - Epidemiology and management of bovine respiratory disease in feedlot cattle. Part A: Epidemiology study

While many of the risk factors that contribute to feedlot cattle developing bovine respiratory disease (BRD) are widely recognised, the disease continues to be a major source of economic loss to the industry. A prospective observational study of 35,160 cattle from 170 cohorts (cattle assembled together in a feedlot pen following induction) from 14 feedlots across Australia was conducted to identify and quantify risk factors for development of BRD. Within the study population, 18.2% of cattle developed BRD and 98% of BRD cases occurred with the first 50 days on feed. Results supported prior beliefs regarding many risk factors associated with risk of BRD development including breed, induction weight (which may be due in part to age and/or body condition), size of pre-arrival groups, season of induction, yard weaning, prior vaccination with Pestigard™ and prior vaccination with Bovilis MH™. In addition, the study made novel use of data from the National Livestock Identification System to investigate time-specific effects of mixing and transfers through saleyards and the timing and duration of the move to the feedlot. The findings of this study provide the basis for the future development of a management tool to allow feedlot operators to minimise the impact of BRD on their enterprises.


B.STU.0212 - PhD scholarship - Anna Macnaughton

Anna Macnaughton applied for and was awarded an MLA Masters of Science scholarship in 2006, with the title "Analysis of risk factors for the development of bovine respiratory disease complex in Australian feedlot cattle".

This was upgraded to a PhD scholarship when Anna took on a role within the B.FLT.0225 'Epidemiology and management of bovine respiratory disease in feedlot cattle' project, which commenced in June 2007. However, Anna withdrew from the project for personal reasons and the scholarship was terminated.


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4.6MB 30/10/2015

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