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Improved Diagnosis of Reproductive Disease in Cattle

Disease prevention and control is dependant on accurate and rapid detection of the disease. Tools at the time of this report were inaccurate, labour intensive and costly.   The Project improved the profitability of beef production by reducing the economic impact of reproductive disease. This Project developed real time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays for vibriosis, trichomonas, leptospirosis and ephemeral fever. Published real time PCR assays will be assessed for the detection of pathogenic organism in laboratory samples, followed by an intensive field evaluation.  Phase 1 of the Project involved method development, the development of sampling strategies and laboratory comparisons.  Phase 2 of the Project is a field sampling stage where 400 animals (including bulls, pregnant and empty heifers) were screened.  In phase 3, 3 case study herds were sampled to investigate possible links to sub-fertility by each pathogen.


Title Size Date published
3.8MB 01/06/2006

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