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Bindaree Beef Value Mapping Research

The output of this work contains significant findings for the Red Meat Industry.  It provides clarity on programmes and management competencies that will reduce commercial, customer and safety risks while enhancing profitability. 

The work was undertaken to develop a set of actions that will create value in a vertically integrated Red Meat Industry player ("The Company") who is transitioning from a "push" and commodity manufacturer to a "pull" and branded product red meat supplier.

The Company was supported in this project by two external consultants, mQ Intelligence and EPRAKT Pty Ltd who worked in collaboration.  The consultants brought experience and knowledge of the Red Meat Industry, vertically integrated value chains, supply chain effectiveness, process optimisation, value creation and leadership behaviours. 

The project involved interviewing senior management from across the whole value chain, analysis of internal Company data from across the whole value chain, observational auditing at the meatworks facility, development of a "first stage" value chain map for the facility, structured one-on-one interviews, structured workshops, external research and benchmarking. 

Benefits were quantified on a "two-year out" basis and include a greater than 15% reduction in total expenses, significant reduction in safety incidents and an increase in on-time in full delivery performance. 

Business improvement opportunities were identified and categorised under key "imperatives", which are in principle applicable and required for maximising value from all Red Meat Industrry processing facilities.  In addition management competencies and behavioural attributes were also identified. 


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Bindaree Beef Value Chain mapping research PO - 118650
18/04/2016 17/08/2016

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