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Breeding Sheep and Goat Live Export Welfare Stocktake

The live export of Australian sheep and goats for purposes of breeding is an important industry.  At the same time there is a strong expectation from the Australian government, community and livestock producers that animals exported live will be well cared for during export and after arrival overseas.

Similar projects have been undertaken to document potential and current issues facing the dairy cattle export industry. The outcome of this research was an improved understanding of the animal welfare risk assessment, training and support required throughout the supply chain.  This project has delivered a similar outcome.  As a result, more is known about the market environment in which breeding sheep and goats are operating and have greater confidence that animal welfare expectations are being met.


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
Breeding Sheep & Goat Live Export Welfare Stocktake
01/12/2016 13/06/2017

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