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ANGUS online data submission and retrieval system

This project developed a secure online data transaction system that provided Angus Australia members with multiple access levels to the following services: 

  • Herd management functions to allow the recording of mating information as well as disposal of dead animals or those animals not fit for breeding purposes;
  • Maintenance of the herd's cow inventory by making them inactive;
  • Registering of calves using AA's own registration rules (this increases the accuracy and minimises anomalies in the data set regarding calves that have not had the correct information supplied);
  • The capture of greater and more varied types of animal performance information;
  • Better integration of membership details and other information with genetic performance and pedigree data;
  • Viewing and payment of accounts;
  • Detailed animal enquiry of all animals in the member's ownership;
  • Creation of online and printed sale catalogues;
  • To enable ongoing service innovation through the development of a system to securely survey members or other users of the database search facilities;
  • A portal optimised for Smartphone use to establish a secure online environment that will allow Angus members to submit and receive data directly from the field associated with animal genetic selection.

The ILR Online service was installed on the server at Angus Australia's office in Armidale. The system allows members to log into the server and has secure access to their membership information as well as animals in their ownership. Once logged in members are able to update/change their membership information and details of animals as required


Title Size Date published
1.6MB 01/08/2012


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
ANGUS5 Online data submission and retrieval system
15/01/2011 06/08/2012

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