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Innovation Managers Network

Building the skills and knowledge of individuals and enterprises throughout the value chain are the key to sustaining productivity and competitive advantage. The Innovation Managers Network was created as a supportive mechanism to enable industry and MLA Innovation Managers to develop the skills and experience required to undertake this new role. Membership of the Network is included for all companies participating in MLA's CISP program.  

The network delivers information and idea development to the Innovation Managers to ensure they have access to cutting edge technology/tools, personal and professional development and the ability to interact with the idea generators throughout Australia and the world. The network meets twice yearly for 2 day conferences.  Meetings include guest speakers and site tours from a range of industries including mining, banking, dairy, IT and manufacturing.  Topics covered include:

  • Communities of practice
  • Customer led innovation
  • The psychology of innovation
  • Structuring innovation
  • Reward systems
  • Building capability for innovation
  • Generic skills required in an innovation manager or champion
  • Defining Strategic objectives for innovation
  • Elements of an innovation strategy
  • Systematic innovation
  • Developing a successful value proposition

To date all CISP partner companies have been represented in the network meetings with eight conferences held in various locations around Australia. Feedback from participants has been positive with the components involving exposure to other industries and their approach to innovation particularly popular. The network has also encouraged ongoing contact between innovation managers on a more routine basis assisting each other to solve operational problems.


Title Size Date published
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Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
Innovation Strategy Roadmap
21/09/2009 31/10/2010
2010 Innovation Managers Network & Strategy Development
01/05/2010 04/08/2011
Development and delivery of ‘Hands-on introduction to Systematic Innovation Tools and Methods Workshop’ for the Innovation Manager Network meeting 17-18 December 2009
01/12/2009 31/01/2010
Design of the next phase of the Innovation Manager’s Network
02/03/2012 09/07/2012
CMA - Delivery of 2nd Innovation Managers Network meeting
25/11/2009 30/06/2010
Industry CMA
Value Proposition and Evaluating Opportunities Module for IM Network
17/02/2009 28/05/2010
CMA – Innovation Manager Network development workshop
08/02/2008 30/03/2008
Industry CMA
CMA - Industry network groups - develop. costs
15/10/2007 30/06/2008
Industry CMA

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