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John Dee Warwick Collaborative Innovation Strategy Program

The purpose of this project is the development and implementation of a Stage 1 Collaborative Innovation Strategy between John Dee Warwick and Meat and Livestock Australia. Stage 1 will be integrated into the company's overall business strategy and will include measurable performance indicators which identify the contribution of innovation to the bottom line and achievement of key business objectives. Ultimately the innovation strategy will contribute to John Dee's long-term profitability, competitiveness and sustainability. It is anticipated that in Stage 1, the scope of the innovation strategy will include initiatives in the key business areas of:

  • Operational efficiency (focus on materials handling)
  • Innovation resource planning and people development
  • Sustainability (Environment)
  • Feedlot/livestock
  • Supply chain innovation (including areas such as eating quality; information
  • management; supply chain alignment; through chain assurance)
  • Marketing/product innovation - including integration between CISP and Co-marketing programs as appropriate (separate contractual arrangements are in place for the Co-marketing program)

The timeframe for development and implementation of the Stage 1 Collaborative Innovation Strategy is three years, although agreed innovation and R&D projects may be implemented and supported to address short, medium and long term time horizons outside of this 3-year period. During the 3-year period, a range of strategy development and implementation activities are planned including (but not limited to):

  • Documentation of key objectives and innovation initiatives in each of the above key business areas
  • Quantifiable innovation performance targets in each of the key business areas, including the development of baselines and measurement systems to monitor progress
  • Development of an innovation skills and resources plan to build John Dee's capability to effectively implement the innovation strategies
  • Initiatives to support the cultural change required across the business to deliver against innovation objectives
  • It is noted that where external expertise is required to undertake any of the above activities, these will be treated as separate projects and will be contracted under individual schedules in the same way that other innovation/R&D projects are.

The John Dee/MLA Collaborative Innovation Strategy program is linked to the outcomes of the John Dee CISP Stage 1 program and John Dee Innovation Manager with coverage of the following projects:

  • P.PIP.5003 – John Dee Collaborative Innovation Strategies Partnership program Stage 1
  • P.PIP.0384 – John Dee CISP Innovation Manager


Title Size Date published
292.5KB 31/10/2016
813.2KB 01/12/2013
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Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
John Dee Warwick - Collaborative Innovation Strategy Program’s Innovation Manager
01/07/2013 30/06/2016
JDW: Development and Implementation of Collaborative Innovation Strategies program (Stage 1) for John Dee/MLA.
01/07/2013 01/07/2016
Developing capability in economic impact analyses to facilitate John Dee’s CISP strategic objectives in material handling.
01/10/2013 30/06/2015

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