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Report on MLA-CLI Strategic Science Beef & Sheepmeat RD&E Workshop

The National Beef Production RD&E Strategy is complete and provides information on the issues facing the Australian beef industry that require RD&E to develop industry solutions. The Strategy lists ten Priority Industry Outcomes that address the regional and national needs of the industry and seven Strategic Imperatives that align these with Australian Government RD&E priorities. Some identified industry issues and proposed deliverables lack the base knowledge from which industry solutions can be developed. These will require an investment approach that is either strategic and long term and/or higher risk balanced by potentially higher reward. MLA is currently scoping appropriate investments of this type. 

As part of the scoping, a workshop was in held in Brisbane on 29th and 30th April 2010 to seek the opinions of key researchers. Invitees to the workshop included experienced scientists or research managers from the member organisations of the Red Meat Co-investment Committee, representatives of other research organisations with an interest in strategic livestock RD&E investments and individuals identified as having important contributions to achieve the workshop objectives. The workshop developed a draft framework for strategic/basic research to meet the issues and deliverables in the National Beef Production RD&E Strategy and National Sheepmeat RD&E Strategy.


Title Size Date published
288.7KB 10/07/2014


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
Strategic Science RD&E Workshop
01/04/2010 30/12/2010

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