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Bioactives from organ culture


These projects aimed to develop a new bioprocess that amplifies yields of commercially valuable bioactive products from 'farmed' animal organs.


The first project (A.BIT.0008) aimed to develop new bioprocesses by amplification of the yields of commercially valuable bioactive products from cultured animal organs. In phase 1 of this project, up to 43-fold amplification of the levels of certain bioactives was reported in small- scale laboratory trials. Phase 2 focused on scale-up to commercially competitive levels using alkaline phosphatase (AP) as a model bioactive. An external consultant, Dr Gareth Forde, analysed the production process and generated an engineering-based economic model and sensitivity analysis for the manufacture of bioactives using the organ culture method developed.


The detailed technical and cost benefit analysis concluded that the technology was neither commercially or technically viable, and further investment was terminated by MLA. 



This page was last updated on 24/07/2017

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