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Bioplastics from blood


Blood meal is considered a low value by-product of the meat industry and is currently sold as animal feed due to its high protein content. Use of blood meal as a feedstock for a biodegradable plastics might provide new market for blood meal and value-adding opportunity.


In project A.BIM.0037, Lycopodium Process Industries Pty Ltd (Lycopodium) provided a cost benefit analysis on a technologythat value adds blood meal by using it as a major feedstock for the manufacture of a bio-polymer. The cost benefit analysis was performed at a processor enterprise level.

This report considers the economics of the facility proposed by Novatein Ltd (Novatein) for the generation of the blood meal based second generation bioplastic. The technology is owned by Novatein and was developed in conjunction with the University of Waikato.

The product is intended to be sold as a master-batch material, with mechanical properties similar to low density polyethylene (LDPE) which makes it suitable for injection moulding applications. The target market for this product is the agricultural and horticultural industry, with possible applications such as seedling trays, disposable planting pots, vine clips, protective netting and plastic products used throughout the meat.  


The cost benefit showed that this might provide large benefits to the red met industry, and an MLA Donor Company project is currently under way.


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Novatein Bio-polymer
26/10/2012 22/12/2015
Processing Trials and Physical Testing of Novtein Bio-Plastic Resin
01/03/2012 30/07/2012
Anvil Media YouTube
20/05/2016 06/10/2016

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