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Desktop review on emerging technology platforms to tenderise raw and cooked meat

​Tenderness is an important meat quality trait and the consumer is prepared to pay more for quality. The application of high pressure processing, shockwaves, ultrasound, pulsed electric field, sous vide cooking, exogenous enzyme addition and muscle stretching to pre- and post-rigor meat for tenderisation, are described in this review. These non-thermal, and thermal, innovative and new technologies can be used with varying success to cause physical disruption to muscle structure, enhanced proteolysis and ageing and muscle protein denaturation, solubilisation and gelation resulting in enhanced texture and juiciness.  A meta-analysis has been conducted on the effect of selected technologies on post-mortem tenderisation.  The meta-analysis results are presented and can assist in identifying the optimum application of these technologies for tenderisation of products from different muscles in the carcass and for different markets (food service, fresh product, export markets). In the future, a combination of new and innovative technologies will be ideally suited to deliver a range of desired textures for meat products.


Title Size Date published
1.7MB 01/08/2017


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
Desktop review on emerging technology platforms to tenderise raw and cooked meat
30/03/2016 30/10/2016

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