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Developing JBS capabilities to identify insights in product, process and packaging to meet market needs

This project used a systematic approach to reviewing latest developments in packaging and ingredients that will enable JBS to case study opportunity identification in a more responsive to market and customer-needs approach. This may include a number of options:

  • Study tours of key international and domestic retail markets of innovative products, processes and packaging
  • Series of facilitated targeted supplier workshops on technologies, processes and packaging
  • Visits to EU and USA processing works, packaging companies and meeting with consultants to further examine international developments in this area that will inform the development of a value adding strategy and allow JBS to be more responsive to market needs.
  • Attending of the international packaging tradeshow (InterPack) event in Dusseldorf Germany in May 2015 to examine the range of exhibits covering packaging, ingredients functionality, materials handling, automation equipment, sensor and imaging technologies, and software / communication for meat and value added products.
  • Sealed Air packed forum showrooms (based in France, USA and China)
  • SIAL tradeshow in Paris (Oct 2014) and Canada (Apr 2015)
  • Anuga in Germany October 2015
  • Tailored service provider visits to supplier Head Quarters to demonstrate latest advances and innovations in product, process and packaging.

The project involved a series of study programs, facilitated workshops and merchandising scanning activities designed to examine product, process and packaging developments. The

Primary focus of the study was on technologies and processes that may be applied in plants to develop new products, enhance quality and / or shelf-life, address processing efficiency, yield and labour challenges.

A JBS value added technical expert engaged with provider as part of the initial stages of the project. The advisor provided insights through existing current contacts and proven track record in design and delivery of workshops, study tours and merchandising scanning activities. The study included other industries outside the red meat industry and transfers that knowledge as a case study with JBS. At the conclusion of the project, there was a hand over of knowledge and the wider industry in design, scheduling and delivery of supplier workshops, study tours and merchandising scanning approaches to collect and mine information to make process and product improvements to better respond to new market needs. These case studies provided an outline that JBS can follow in the future when designing and implement supplier workshops, study tours including tradeshows, company visits and market assessments and merchandising scanning approaches to identify new market and business opportunities. These new opportunities may further support JBS's Collaborative Marketing program initiatives (i.e. previously ICA program). This project also supplemented JBS's planned involvement in MLA's upcoming Global Innovation Insights Workshop series.

The overall process applied to this project will be used in future to continue to identify insights in product, process and packaging development to meet market needs.


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6.5MB 15/11/2017


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
Developing JBS capabilities to identify insights in product, process and packaging to meet market needs.
18/08/2014 03/10/2015

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