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Evaluation of the Alchemy System to support ongoing implementation of innovation systems within JBS Australia

The following report details outcomes on a case study of the implementation of helmets across two entire JBS operations and reports on the effectiveness of using the JBS Alchemy system to delivery training in potentially a significant change management area.   The project was undertaken in three phases with initially assessing feedback on using Alchemy as a traniing method, then design and implementation of a case study initiative (implementing helmets in all operational areas) and evaluation after implementation to measure successes of using Alchemy. 

The primary purpose of this study (phase 3) is to present the findings of the survey and focus groups, which provide a baseline measure (T1) of how effectively change is managed at the JBS Plant 1 and JBS Plant 2 meat processing plants.  This study focuses on the change management processes surrounding the introduction of helmets at the JBS Plant 1 and JBS Plant 2 meat processing plants. The findings will highlight indicators of successful change management, as well as areas for improvement.

This report provides a baseline measure of people's reactions to the introduction of helmets at JBS Plant 2. Overall, findings indicate that employees are not resistant to the change (helmet), however there were a number of issues associated with the management of the change process. In particular, employees expressed negative feelings towards the lack of top-down communication. Similarly, some supervisors indicated that they felt disempowered by the process and would have preferred more involvement. Furthermore, supervisors and employees expressed frustration at the rushed and disorganised nature of the implementation. Many would have preferred that the organisation wait until all work areas could receive the helmet at the same time and that the suitable helmet accessories were available. These findings suggest that there have been breakdowns in plant-wide communication and implementation.

On the other hand, the findings reveal that most people feel safer as a result of wearing the helmet and most appear to appreciate that the organisation is required to meet certain safety standards. Despite, the varied sources of information reported, an overwhelming majority of people understand that the helmet was introduced to enhance safety. People clearly did not express a strong objection to wearing the helmet. Furthermore, people generally feel comfortable communicating with their foreperson about problems and concerns. Similarly, on most occasions, if applicable, supervisors assisted their team with fitting the helmets. These findings suggest that within team communication appears to flow effectively in most cases. Furthermore, supervisors are invested in supporting their team and the organisation. This is evidenced by their focus group feedback, which indicates that are motivated to support their teams through change, but they need to be empowered to do so.

The key findings of this report have implications for JBS in deciding whether Alchemy is an effective training mechanism. This report has highlighted key areas for improvement, which will be measured at T2 following the introduction of another "change" (piece of safety equipment). If the findings show that leaders are applying more effective change management principles, such that these identified areas for have improved, it would suggest that Alchemy has been effective.

Alchemy is recommended as an effective delivery of training. In the current JBS case study on the implementation of helmets across all operational areas, it has demonstrated to be very effective at delivery training.  It would therefore be recommended to be used by JBS to roll out other change management initiatives.    


Title Size Date published
642.7KB 24/06/2014


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
JBS2.3 Evaluation of the Alchemy System to support ongoing implementation of innovation systems within JBS Australia.
15/05/2013 16/10/2013

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