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Identifying snacking occasions with red meat

​Patties Foods are a leading pie manufacturer in Australia using a high volume of red meat. This project is a case study on how Patties Foods explored new growth opportunities within Snacking and On-the-go trends. It sought to identify, from a PF's perspective, where attractive opportunities that the organisation is well credentialed to realise exist.  This followed initial MLA's insights2innovation snacking trends and ethnographic studies (A.RMH.0021, V.RMH.0049) and piloting of MLA's High Value Food Frontiers industry engagement design (V.RMH.0052) and the application of design led thinking to pursue and customise value propositions for Patties to pursue red meat based snacking occasions.


Title Size Date published
1.4MB 01/11/2017


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
Patties Foods – Identifying snacking occasion with red meat
30/11/2016 20/10/2017

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