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JBS Consumer Insights Analyses in Australian lamb products

Learning from Market research data in developing new red meat products has traditionally been an area not fully immersed in the process for ideation and opportunity identification.  An improvement in the know how to undertake this task and enable informed decision making of targeted consumer and market insights may reduce market failure and lead to  an increase in value added products utilising Australian beef and lamb. As part of the new product development process, a suitable approach for completing market opportunity assessment, consumer segmentation, buying behaviours, competitor and market channel analyses are important attributes that influence idea generation, screening and overall category management and developing a business case.  Currently, JBS rely on tendering for product briefs (toll manufacturing) and adhoc sales enquiries and ideas to present at range reviews with limited supporting intelligence show casing product life cycling, target market and purchase intent aspects.

This project will focus on learning from insights data with a nominated consultant to build JBS's capability to create value added lamb products portfolio and business model that can deliver the benefit highlighted by the insight (i.e. "keep the insight in sight"). This will significantly position JBS to identify opportunities and deliver targeted new product development and brand range reviews and strategies. Mining current MLA industry data (such as Millward Brown Consumer Tracking, Nielsen Homescan, Meat Expectations etc.) to develop a customised source of data for JBS along with other market research approaches will also be explored. The primary objective of this work will be to identify what "consumer/market" data and how to cut the data as a business intelligence tool to identify new product, customer & market opportunities with a targeted marketing mix.

The specific project objectives will be to develop a framework to collate and interpret analyses of data to:

  • Identify customer segmentation, buying behaviours, competitor analyses, market channels and category management. 
  • Identify what data and how to cut the data as a business intelligence tool to identify new customer & market opportunities.

Using this project as a case study, an evaluation of how to learn from data can help build a consumer led innovation strategy whereby finding and identifying consumer behaviour and market insights and trends lead to targeted product design, marketing mix and portfolio development to grow red meat demand and brand positioning.  Key findings from this project will lead to opportunity identification for JBS's targeted growth strategy for new value add lamb product range and brand positioning to be consumer-led launched in 2014/2015 in domestic retail and foodservice markets.

Due to shifts in priorities and evolving business, JBS & MLA subsequently decided to terminate the project prior to the commencement of Milestone 5.

Subsequent steps were proposed (should the project have continued).

  • Report on Category Strategy (Internal) to JBS/MLA. (Milestone 5) includes a presentation to JBS/MLA of market data with needs states filter (category strategy) & Brainstorm Session (NPD)
  • Final report on Insights pipeline (NPD) & domestic retail category review strategy. (Milestone 6 )
  • Presentation of final report by Insights Dr. Detailed final report on collecting, collating and analysing data to identify JBS lamb product opportunities for identified markets. 
    (Milestone 7B).
    JBS & Dr Insights to produce an industry report on general process of collecting, collating and analysing data to identify meat product opportunities for general markets (Milestone 7A). 

     Due to changes in JBS business priorities, the project was subsequently terminated before completion.


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