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Value adding red meat with inclusion of Lupin


Purpose of the project was to investigate the areas where inclusions of natural Lupin will increase the consumption of Australian red meat through identifying new consumer occasions, consumer drivers and with a range of consumer products in areas such as probiotics and dietary fibre that offer distinctive health benefits to the Australian Red Meat industry globally.

Research & Development

The project was broken down into the following stages:

 1.   Market Gap Analysis – What are consumer demanding from red meat and are there any global suppliers servicing these consumer needs.
 2.   Identify opportunities for growth and new product concepts - where could we utilize Lupin to drive red meat consumption.
 3.   Proof of Concept - Prepare unique Red Meat and Lupin products for consumer tasting and product concept evaluation.
 4.   Propose new red meat product ranges – New product development.
 5.   Conduct cost benefit analysis (CBA) – 3rd party evaluation of the opportunities for the red meat value chain and evaluation of the consumer proposition.
 6.    Commercialization Strategy - for product launch and launch timetable.


Products that were favourably assessed include Mince, Crumbed Beef, Beef Strips, Popcorn beef, Lamb Strips and Meatballs with a range of trial brands developed to gauge health messaging, brand imagery and product positioning now completed with a projected $9.4M pa benefit to Australian Red Meat / Lupin industry by 2017 identified.


Title Size Date published
1.5MB 28/05/2015


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
Value Added Red meat opportunities with Lupin
01/06/2014 11/02/2015

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