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R&D on super tenderisation (SmartTender)

Some research funded uunder the MQST program  found benefits of low-frequency waveforms on the tenderisation of sheep meat.  It was hypothesised that certain waveform that cause an eco-centric movement in the carcase during processing immediately post-slaughter and could cause some unexpected benefits to meat tenderness.  Several projects were funded to investigate specific programmed waveforms to achieve this eco-centric event during processing.

It was expected that if successful, such processing interventions would be available to processors to achieve tenderness of sheep and beef beyond normal expected tenderness of non-aged product.

Unfortunately, no consistent improvment in eating quality via this stimulation approach  was found and further research has been terminated.


Title Size Date published
308.9KB 01/12/2006
307.0KB 01/10/2007
344.1KB 01/12/2008

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