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Program support for the off-farm environment program

A number of advisors have been employed to provide support to MLAs project management team for the off-farm Environment portfolio. The background was the need to place the meat processing sector in a position to understand the environmental impact of meat processing, provide them with tools to manage environmental issues in a sustainable way and respond scientifically to changing regulation and legislation. These issues include cleaner production and energy efficiency, water and water use, solids, air and odours, and build environment management.

One of the main technical advisors to the program was Dr. Mike Johns of Johns Environmental Pty Limited, who was employed from 1998 to 2011, funded by MLA in conjunction with AMPC to act as a technical advisor to the environment programme.

The objectives of the technical advisor were to:

  • Maintain an active role in the coordination and management of projects relating to the environmental area

  • Liaise with key industry environmental personnel, environmental research contractors and environmental regulators

  • Provide technical guidance to MLA relating to off-farm environmental research and development projects as required

  • Assist MLA to respond to particular processing sector environmental issues

  • Assist in the dissemination, marketing and commercialisation strategies as an outcome of environmental research as required

  • Assist in the development of Terms of Reference for projects approved in consulation with AMPC and industry

During 2010-11, the technical advisor provided, among others, the following services;

  • Participated in meetings with stakeholders, consultants, processors and MLA to discuss project development and selection

  • Provided technical comments on a number of project draft final reports

  • Developed TORs, scopes and contractor lists for a number of projects

  • Reviewed proposals received for 2011-12 projects and provided technical assistance in preparing meat processing plants for the outputs of research projects

  • Supported MLA with technical inputs for development of the final version of the Industry environmental sustainability review environment portfolio, at times of increased activity


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404.6KB 01/04/2011


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
CMA - Environment Working Group
01/07/2013 30/06/2014
Industry CMA
CMA - Environment Committee
01/07/2013 30/06/2014
Industry CMA
CMA: Environment Working group
15/02/2013 30/06/2013
Industry CMA
Technical Advisor to the Environment Program 09/10
03/07/2009 01/09/2010
Technical Advisor to the Environment Program 10/11
16/08/2010 30/06/2011
CMA - Environment Research Program - Innovation transfer 2009/2010
01/07/2009 30/06/2010
Industry CMA
CMA - Environment Research Program - Innovation transfer 2008/09
14/07/2008 30/06/2009
Industry CMA
Technical advisor to the Environment Program 08/09
25/07/2008 30/06/2009
Project Leader Environment 2006 / 2007
01/07/2006 30/06/2007
Technical Advisor to the Environment Program 07/08
23/11/2007 30/07/2008
Expert support for industry response - Food Safety Services
12/08/2006 31/05/2007
Expert support for industry response - Food Safety Services
17/10/2005 31/10/2006
Program Support - Processing
01/07/2006 30/06/2007
CMA: MDC Communications
01/07/2015 30/06/2016
Industry CMA

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