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Scoping study for RELRP database

​Large amounts of research data have been, or are anticipated to be, generated during the course of the current RELRP (Reducing Emissions of Livestock Research Program) projects. However, there is no systematic infrastructure in place to effectively store the data, or to allow the access and interchange of data between institutes or the researchers within the program. A scoping study of the issues around the development of the framework (including a metadata database) for all the projects within the RELRP has been undertaken. A schema for the storage of the metadata has been designed and implemented in Microsoft Access to facilitate the process of gathering and storing the metadata about the datasets generated and held by the component projects of the RELRP. Two rounds of metadata collection have been conducted to collect information on the experimental designs, the parameters and variables relating to the measurement of green house gas emissions etc., the data format and structures, and the data storage and management systems used by the research groups. Collation of the metadata information from individual projects identified a range of issues relating to the accuracy of the definition of datasets and experiments, data formats and concerns about IP. Through redefining the system structure and quality editing of metadata information (including applying a controlled vocabulary list developed for this project), a metadata database illustrating the basic framework of a future database and data summary sheets showing the current status of data attributes for each project have been produced. A number of options for future database implementation phases and potential benefits of the database to a wide range of communities (scientists, policy makers, consultants and farms) are discussed. The completion of the metadata database with a web interface is highly recommended. An implementation of the actual database focussed on key datasets should be seriously considered. In addition, a number of recommendations for future development of the database if new funding allowing an extension of the current research activities of the RELRP projects were to become available are also provided.​


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