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Central Australia Quality Graze Steer Challenge

​The Central Australian Quality Graze Producer Steer Challenge (Challenge) was an extension activity designed to directly involve local producers in the Quality Graze project of the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Resources (DPIR).  The Quality Graze project which is investigating the consistent production of premium beef from central Australia on the Old Man Plans Research Station (OMP) hosted the Challenge.  This neutral venue provided an opportunity for the Central Australian cattle industry to experience the production benefits of applying the latest grazing land management research recommendations.

Forty seven steers from seven properties participated in the Challenge together with twenty steers from the OMP. All steers were finished on OMP under the latest grazing land management research recommendations. Steer performance monitoring was through eight quarterly static data collection events and via the Remote Livestock Management System. On the 30th March 2016, 54 steers in the challenge (45 producer steers and nine OMP steers) averaging 600kg at approximately 30 months of age, were loaded onto a single B-double road train and processed at Teys Naracoorte meat processing facility on the 31st March 2016. Ninety one percent of the steers graded under the Meat Standards Australia grading system (MSA).
The Challenge participants experienced how their steers met requirements to access premium markets through applying improved management practices, which include a grazing strategy and carrying capacity appropriate for the environmental conditions. The Challenge has successfully engaged seven producers with approximately 25 percent of the Alice Springs region actively following the progress of the Challenge. This is a positive engagement outcome with the potential to increase research uptake significantly into the future.  Participant’s improved knowledge and appreciation of how to manage their central Australian feed base to enable access to premium beef markets has laid the foundations for research adoption through providing a production need for change.


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
Central Australian Quality Graze Steer Challenge PDS
15/03/2014 15/01/2017

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