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Review and update of the FutureBeef extension training packages

The EDGEnetwork (EDGE) offers practical learning opportunities to help beef cattle and sheep producers in northern Australia gain knowledge and develop skills necessary to improve their livestock enterprises. There are currently four EDGE training packages being delivered by Meat and Livestock (MLA)–accredited public and private sector extension providers: Breeding EDGE, Business EDGE, Grazing land management EDGE and Nutrition EDGE. These packages have been delivered successfully for over ten years but required updating and repackaging to better meet evolving industry needs.

A significant amount of research and development (R&D), technological advancement and delivery expertise has occurred since these packages were developed. The aim of the Review and update of FutureBeef extension training packages project was to review existing specified training materials, identifying gaps and integrate R&D outcomes within a new livestock business context. It also incorporated new technology and tools, considered flexible and alternate delivery options by extension providers, developed business, vocational education and training, and monitoring and evaluation plans, to ultimately improve training delivery and the adoption of management practices to lift business and industry performance.

As a result of this collaborative FutureBeef for Northern Australia Program (FutureBeef) project, training participants and deliverers will benefit from updated, integrated and more flexible Breeding EDGE, Grazing land management EDGE, Nutrition EDGE packages, and the Northern livestock transporters course. These have been complemented further by a new Grazing fundamentals module and Planning book. Recommendations outlined in this report will require further consideration by FutureBeef partners, MLA, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF), Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries (NTDPIF) and the Western Australia Department of Food and Agriculture (DAFWA), particularly around the capacity building of public and private sector workshop deliverers.

B.GFB.1718 Technical Edits for EDGENetwork Material Finalisation

EDGENetwork technical packages were updated as part of MLA project E.IFL.1302 (Grazing fundamentals EGDE, Nutrition EDGE, Grazing land management EDGE and Breeding EDGE) and a number of smaller EDGE material finalisation projects. This project gave assistance to professional  a proof reader and a graphic designer to ensure the Breeding, Grazing Land Management and Nutrition EDGE and Grazing Fundamentals workshop material which was updated and included in the modules,  slides, workbook and  associated resources are to MLA standards and ready for on demand printing by MLA approved presenters to deliver at EDGE workshops across northern Australia.


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2.8MB 29/05/2015


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
Review of FutureBeef Extension Training Packages final report accepted 1/10/15. Update of FutureBeef Extension Training Packages accepted 1/10/15. Any further modifications that may be required to...
07/12/2012 01/05/2015
CMA: EDGE Material finalisation workshop – catering and travel
30/01/2017 30/06/2017
Industry CMA
Technical Edits for EDGENetwork Material Finalisation
31/01/2017 31/07/2017

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