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Refining Stocking Densities

This research project was undertaken to address the knowledge gap that exists regarding the effects of stocking density on the welfare outcomes of cattle and sheep during sea transport. Two sheep voyages to the Middle East and one cattle voyage to Indonesia were conducted where three stocking density treatments were investigated (ASEL, ASEL – 10% and ASEL + 10% or the allometric allowance (0.027 x liveweight0.66), whichever was greater). It was concluded that the ASEL space allowances for the stock classes investigated are appropriate on animal welfare grounds. However, the suggested benefits of a small increase above the ASEL space allowance, particularly during the critical early stages of a voyage, are worthy of further consideration and evaluation. The research outputs presented in this report will enable the Live Export Industry to objectively defend the current ASEL space allowances and to develop more informed decisions regarding the appropriate stocking densities during the sea transport of Australian livestock. 


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228.9KB 13/02/2013


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
Refining stocking densities
31/05/2009 03/01/2013

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