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Maintenance of O.Vacca Beetles (Dung Beetles)

​The European spring active dung beetle Onthophagus vacca was imported to Australia in 2012 and has been reared to increase the population mass of dung beetles for future release onto Australian farms. An estimated 3200 O.vacca beetles were received by Invetus P/L  in November 2017 from Creation Care and placed into a purpose built rearing facility.  Beetles were supplied with freshly thawed dung three times a week until the end of January 2018, after which all adult beetle activity ceased. Broods were checked in late December 2017, late January 2018, and April 2018 and showed a steady decline in live larvae and pupae; by April 2018, all instars were dead.

It appears that O.vacca immature instars were not able to successfully survive in the environment in the mass rearing field cage, as the beetles were unable to complete a full life cycle under these conditions. The reasons for this are unclear and need further investigation.


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Maintenance of O. Vacca Beetles (Dung Beetles)
12/07/2018 31/10/2018
Rearing of O.Vacca data review
01/10/2017 05/02/2018

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