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Prime X Connect – Automated boxed beef market place

Sale of beef takes place through multiple channels in an inconsistent manner. Seller-to-buyer negotiation of trade terms to facilitate a sale is highly manual, time consuming, costly and operationally inefficient.
The process is different between each buyer and seller across the market and is conducted via phone, fax, email, and mobile-based messaging applications. PrimeX Connect aims to develop an online marketplace that will streamline the entire process, introduce operational efficiencies and greatly increase Australia’s ease of doing business with the world. Data gathered from the platform will enable feedback through the supply chain to producers about the characteristics demanded by buyers in particular markets.
Analogies can be drawn with the early research and development investment by AMLC during the 1980’s into a similarly disruptive technology - the concept of electronic / online livestock trading, later becoming computer aided livestock marketing and now known as the world leading Auctions Plus online marketing technology.


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478.2KB 20/12/2017


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Prime X Connect – Automated boxed beef Marketplace
15/01/2017 17/11/2017

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