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Guidelines for visual inspection of skin-on goat


Skin on goat meat has moved from being a small niche market to where now today it forms a significant percentage of the goats processed here in Australia. The industry is keen to standardise the quality assurance training it delivers to both trimmers and carcase hygiene assessors working on skin on goats and inform all those involved with inspection of these products of the particular characteristics of these products which can be challenging. These include a residual black stubble and a naturally dark or mottled skin pigmentation especially in black haired goats.


In the initial phase of this project a microbiological study of the unique aspects of the skin on product was conducted. In particular, the impact of black stubble and skin pigmentation on micro counts and the wholesomeness of the product. The results of both the microbiological study and a literature review established that skin on goat product is a safe and wholesome product and that the characteristics of stubble and pigmentation represent no food safety risk. This microbiological study was followed up by the development of a technical report that documents the skin on goat process.  

Extension & training resources

In the second phase of the project the following training aids and materials have been produced to a final draft standard and are available as attachments linked to the main project report below:

  • a five minute video introducing skin on goat processing
  • an A4 brochure introducing the industry and the skin on goat product
  • a flip chart for trimmers with photographs of examples of physical contamination
  • a flip chart for QA staff performing Meat Hygiene Assessments (MHA) on skin on goat carcases
  • formal training and assessment materials for staff undertaking accredited training in MHA.

This video that has been developed as a training aid to assist inspectors in becoming more familiar with the skin-on goat product. 

 Watch video here -





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Guidelines for visual inspection of skin-on goat
01/11/2015 02/05/2016

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