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StockDec proof of concept trials

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) on behalf of the red meat industry engaged a contracted a couple of rural supply chain application developers to develop a mobile application for the livestock primary supply chain to be used in MLA's 'Proof of Concept Trial' to demonstrate the feasibility of implementing an electronic National Vendor Declaration (eNVD) system. These software providers developed an eNVD application and conducted trials with industry participants providing training and support. The trials proved that the concept of an electronic eNVD was feasible. 

Extensive industry stakeholder discussions and review of current supply chain systems enabled the eNVD solution to be built to specific industry requirements. Feedback from trial participants was continually sought and documented and reviewed enabling adjustments and enhancements to the application to improve project outcomes.

The success of the eNVD trials in achieving the desired outcomes has provided valuable shared learnings prior to industry moving to a national eNVD system.

A national approach to a central eNVD system integrating with commercial applications will effectively fill the existing electronic 'information gap' which currently exists at the start (or producer end) of the red-meat food supply chain. Electronic capture and validation of farm inputs will allow the industry to better meet consumer demands for safe food with authenticated quality and origin and enhance biosecurity controls.


Title Size Date published
731.1KB 01/07/2014


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
Developing innovative supply chain data capture and transfer platform for MLA’s eNVD POC Trial
02/05/2014 22/07/2014
A ‘Proof of Concept Trial’ to demonstrate the feasibility of implementing an electronic NVD system
25/08/2014 10/04/2015

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