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Bandsaw safety initiatives including training aides, resistant glove, etc


Improved workplace safety is a prime focus for industry technology development. While various technology developments have reduced operator exposure to injury on a bandsaw, for example full and semi automated machines, interlocked safety sensing devices, operator training and selection.  However, another approach has been work on the development of personal protection equipment. Due to various constraints and barriers, the development of safety gloves has been challenging.  However, new materials and an industrial design approach have created some potential opportunities.


A.OHS.0061/A.OHS.0062. These projects were designed to approach the solution from a new direction by using the services of two industrial design firms with their specialised rapid product development techniques to:

  • understand the usage patterns of band saw operators
  • then develop design concepts and/or models of personal protection (i.e.; such as gloves), utilising new materials and composites to provide: protection while offering the operator usage needs such as flexibility, ease of use and cleaning, and tactile control of the meat product.  

A.TEC.0098 covered the bandsaw benchmarking project, with the related project A.TEC.0111 covering funding for an AMPC working group.

P.PSH.0729 - the Digitdetect project is to develop a low cost bandsaw safety mechanism suitable for smaller processors and other industry sectors.The DigitDetect system is based on a high speed electronic motor stopping circuit, combined with a camera based visioning system (a modified version of Glovecheck). The system was demonstrated at Granville TAFE


Title Size Date published
9.2MB 01/01/2012
2.8MB 01/12/2011
615.9KB 03/06/2013
358.5KB 04/11/2016


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
Bandsaw Benchmarking Project
15/05/2012 18/12/2013
CMA: Band Saw Working Group
15/02/2013 30/06/2013
Industry CMA
Bandsaw Resistant Glove
30/10/2011 11/01/2012
Bandsaw Resistant Glove
01/08/2011 13/12/2011
DigitDetect - Small Processor/Value Added Bandsaw Reduced Cuts Mechanism
24/03/2015 29/08/2016

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