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Development of container loading concept using rapid prototyping methods– Phase 1

The current project evaluated and tested a pre-production prototype concept for handling and automated conveyance of product into 20 and/or 40 foot containers. John Dee used simplified rapid prototyping methods to build a proof of concept with the required assumptions to be tested and proven cost-effectively and without the risk of lengthy development timeframes.  Validation of an automated proof of concept was able to be achieved by assembling and modifying existing product handling and container loading equipment.  Considerable efficiencies were shown to be gained by modifying a fork lift with carton handling devices including and conveyors fitted to allow the fork lift to be manually controlled in pilot trials.  The project as an intial proof of concept has been able to demonstrate a pre-production prototype proof of concept for carton handling and container loading.  Additonally the project has provided the opportunity to develop new skills and capabilities in John Dee to cost effectively evaluate ideas to proof of concept (ie rapid prototyping).

The outcome of the project has been a successful demonstration of an the efficient and cost-effective method based on a pre-production prototype concept for container loading using simplified rapid prototype methods.  The project ws designed as a demonstration of how to build skills and capabilities within the  company and specifically the program engineering group to be applied cost effectively on future materials handling initiatives.

Ongoing testing and container loading runs using this intial prototype version is underway to assist with the design of future scale up versions of the container loading concept.   This project is the first step in a wider material handling program to improve efficiencies and safety at John Dee Warwick. A stage 2 of the project is under development and proposes to develop and test a production version of the container loading concept.


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Development of container loading concept using rapid prototyping methods (John Dee Warwick)
24/11/2014 04/04/2016

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