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LEAP Professional Media Productions

​In 2001 Scott Technology, MLA, and SilverFern Farms, commenced evolving a lamb boning automation vision known as LEAP.  Since 2001 most of the components of this vision have either been installed within an Australian processing facility and/or have a prototype ready for final design alterations in preparation for installation into an Australian facility.  This project engaged a professional media house to develop production material (i.e. high resolution images, video DVD) of both the JBS Bordertown and ALC Sunshine systems for use by MLA, JBS, ALC and Scott Technology, for promotion, awareness, extension, and stakeholder communication.  The material features the equipment in operation, and interviews with: technology providers, processor operators, MLA managers, and an MLA director.


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
LEAP Professional Media Productions (JBS Bordertown and ALC Sunshine)
15/06/2015 16/12/2015

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