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LEAP VII Manual Measure Single Tower Primal Cutting System


The objective was to develop a Manual Measure Single Tower Primal Cutting System for small to small medium Australian Processing Companies that was a down sized LEAP III single tower, without an x-ray sensing system. This is then a smaller and lower cost machine than the Scott 10cpm LEAP III.

Specifications include:

  • Cycle rate of 5 carcasses per minute
  • Laser based markimng of cutting lines via an operator.
  • The LEAP III was reduced to a single station with combined clamping to enable the Forequarter and Saddle cuts to be performed within a cycle rate of 5 cpm.
  • Simplified installation

The system is designed in a modular format and utilise “Plug and Play” style electrical reticulation to enable the processor to undertake installation themselves.

Benefits include mprovement of the cut accuracy and yield benefits from the current manual head saw cutting/pre marking process and the provision to add an additional tower and x-ray system in the future i.e. equivalent to a LEAP III.


A prototype was successfully built under project P.PSH.0737 and a joint investment between MLA and Scott Technology.


The prototype will be installed during 2017 into an Australian processing plant for production trials, with this likely to be funded via a MDC project.


Title Size Date published
1.1MB 17/02/2016


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
LEAP VII - Manual Measure Single Tower Primal Cutting System for Small to Medium Australian Processing Companies
20/04/2015 17/03/2016

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