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Semi-automatic beef striploin saw


The beef striploin is the most valuable cut and maximising its yield has a significant impact on the total carcase value. This development was a collaboration between the engineering technology provider and practical boning room expertise so as to develop a semi-automated (some manual labour required) machine for beef striploins.

Typically all Australian beef processors use side or quarter boning or table boning methods to produce boneless loins. Neither of these methods can adequately maximise the loin yield from the complex skeletal vertebrae at current process line speeds.

JBS conceived an idea that by using a 3 wheeled bandsaw with a triangular configuration the perfect angle for removing chime bones could be achieved to maximise boneless loin yield.


Under project P.PIP.0271,  MLA, AMPC, Scott Technology and JBS developed a beef loin saw MK I.  This was designed and built in an attempt to provide the following features:

  1. Maximise the yield by removing the chime bone at the optimal angle.
  2. Use a guided carriage with hand held grippers to hold the loin in position during the sawing process.
  3. Install electrical interlock on the gripper handles which only allow saw blades function while the operator has both hands on the grippers.
  4. Has laser guidance which enables the operator to align the loin and the saw blade to maximise loin yield.
  5. Mount a circular saw to remove excess rib bones during the cutting process.

In project P.PIP.0323, JBS in conjunction with Scott, MLA and AMPC proposed to take the lessons learned from a previous project P.PIP.0271, ‘Beef loin saw’, which concentrated on developing a safe bandsaw device to process grass fed beef striploins, and develop a beef striploin saw Mark II and apply it across the broader grass and grain fed processing facilities. The MKII system was reverse engineered and manufactured, to allow for greater robustness and durability. The system was trialled and minor modifications were required to allow for the varying sizes of products and the device was proven to run, safer, with additional yield whilst maintaining throughput.  The MKII has delivered the required improvements sought by all stakeholders and still retained at least the $4/head processing benefit of the MkI unit.


This very cost effective innovation delivers repeatable cutting performance, improved yield, and increased workplace safety.It is now being commercialised by Scott Technology.

The cost/benefits were evaluated under project P.PIP.0271 via an independant CBA consultant.

To fast track adoption, project P.PSH.0666 is funding trials at processing plants of the beef striploin saw so as to increase industry awareness and involve processors in the machine’s continuous improvement so that it closely suits their needs. Demonstration and training at the 6th trial site was successful as at October 2016 and the site has positively reviewed the safety and yield advantages of the machine. Opportunities to further improve the machine were identified, and upgrades to the safety circuitry and other necessary maintenance were conducted.


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01/07/2012 15/10/2013
Beef Striploin Saw Australian Sales and Marketing Demonstration and Commercialisation Unit
02/06/2013 10/05/2017
JBS2 - Beef Loin Deboning Manual Saw Semi-Automation – Stage 1
01/08/2010 28/05/2012

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