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Improving the profitable and sustainable management of rangeland goats in South Australia

This investigation and report was undertaken on behalf of the Australian goat industry to identify impediments to rangeland goat meat production and supply in South Australia. The review of legislation, regulations and policies resulted in the identification of several specific requirements in terms of the holding and non-release of rangeland goats that impose constraints on landholders with consequential negative impacts to the goat meat industry. 

The defined pest status and lack of clarity regarding rangeland goat ownership have further implications for profitable production and animal welfare outcomes. Current legislation, regulations and policies relating to the management of natural resources in South Australia seek removal or eradication of rangeland goats, however numbers continue to increase over time and presumably, so do the impacts. While the overall intent of the regulatory environment aims for improved environmental outcomes, it is evident that these outcomes are unlikely to occur given the historic and current trend. In addition, the existing regulatory framework does not provide landholders on Pastoral Lease areas with the flexibility to maximise the profitable production of rangeland goat meat, or to manage rangeland goats and their impacts in an effective, efficient and sustainable manner. These outcomes are therefore of little advantage for the protection of vegetation and other natural resource assets impacted by uncontrolled grazing, or for landholders seeking to profitably and sustainably manage their enterprises. 

This paper recommends changes to legislation and regulations be made to: 

  • Provide greater incentive for landholders: to take ownership of rangeland goats; to construct infrastructure suitable for containing (or excluding) rangeland goats and; to transition rangeland goats into managed herds. 
  • Improve the quantity, quality and consistency of goat meat derived from SA rangelands.  
  • Ensure better animal welfare outcomes for marketable and unmarketable animals. 
  • Assist in managing total grazing pressure through improved rangeland goat management 
  • Recognise rangeland goats as a resource that must be managed appropriately in line with other livestock, rather than as a pest to be opportunistically harvested without regard to animal welfare or sustainable land management outcomes.


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Improving the profitable and sustainable management of rangeland goats in South Australia
15/12/2013 27/05/2014

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