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On property benefits of Precision Livestock Management

Precision livestock management technologies (PLMTs) provide opportunities to increase the efficiency of production in extensive beef production systems. While these technologies have the potential to improve profits, there is a lack of knowledge on how this may be achieved. This project surveyed five case study properties located across northern Australia to explore how five emerging technologies might provide an economic benefit. The technologies included: e-Preg, Walk-over-weighing and auto-drafting, coarse-resolution location cattle tracking, fine-location cattle behaviour and tracking, and automated pasture assessment. The economic benefits were assessed using a subjective methodology to estimate the production and cost saving benefits. The economic modelling approach used inputs of the estimated benefits as assessed by project team members and the managers of the case-study properties. The distribution profile for each technology provided data that could be used to estimate the risk of an economic return for a given technology. The results were used to identify opportunities and challenges for PLM technologies that provided the greatest potential economic benefit to individual case study properties. All of the technologies showed potential benefits on at least one property; however, the potential costs of the technologies were shown to restrict the economic value. 


Title Size Date published
1.5MB 22/07/2013


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
On-property benefits of Precision Livestock Management (PLM) technologies and applications.
30/07/2011 26/06/2013

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