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Remote calving alert for beef cattle

This project developed a remote calving alert device, integrating Taggle electronic technology into intravaginal prototypes developed earlier. The final prototype was deployed and tested for its ability to remain in-situ during gestation, and detect time and location of calving. Further upgrades were made to improve signal transmission and reception in phase 3.

This  intravaginal device can be retained in the vagina of pregnant cows for at least 6 months without interfering with cow health or gestation and this is a 'world first' result. Increasing signal strength and antennae sensitivity should  overcome signal detection interference associated with long grass and vegetation and it has great potential to  be a valuable tool for investigating calf losses. This value will be enhanced if coupled with maternal movement behaviour monitoring.



Title Size Date published
2.9MB 17/09/2018


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
Remote calving alert for beef cattle – technology development and testing
15/02/2012 30/06/2015
Remote calving alert for beef cattle – Technology development (Phase 3)
11/04/2016 13/05/2018

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