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V.RMH.0065 Value adding goatmeat for Australian consumers

A feasibility study was conducted to identify new usages, occasions and opportunity spaces for goatmeat domestically. A design led innovation approach (desirable-feasible-viable elements) was used, with consumers and value chain participants the focus, to identify high value opportunities and in the end, grow demand.

Several consumer-based, market usage opportunities have been presented, where a defined consumer segment and key occasion have been identified, with a range of existing pains that consumers are experiencing, as well as desired gains that they are seeking.  Using our knowledge of the diversity of goatmeat dishes that exist, a suitable solution has been identified, where goatmeat's qualities are best able to address these existing consumer pains and realise desired gains.  In many instances, the opportunity for innovation to value-add has been identified which further accentuates goatmeat's properties and overcomes some of its inherent barriers to usage, making it a more commercially viable as a solution. The value of these opportunities per year are as follows:

Young Families - parents seeking to do the right thing by their kids with healthy and enjoyable mid-week, meals, but live in the real world. Estimated volume of goatmeat = 118T.                  Estimated value = $4.7M

Adventurous Cooks – taking the team to pursue their passion, creating something new and interesting. Estimated volume of goatmeat = 78T.                    Estimated value = $3.1M

Millennials – new age food values, seeking to realise their flexitarian ambitions. Estimated volume of goatmeat = 70T.                    Estimated value = $1.7M

Empty Nesters – Focusing back on themselves and their health needs, as they plan to lead a fulfilling and active life. Estimated volume of goatmeat = 58T.                    Estimated value = $2.9M

Professional Couples – seek to create for themselves the type of cosmopolitan dishes they experience when eating out, with the help of a meal kit. Estimated volume of goatmeat = 34T.                    Estimated value = $0.9M

Total estimated volume of goatmeat = 360T                         Total estimated value = $13.3M

  • A webinar talking through the project results can be downloaded and watched here.
  • A short video on the project and next steps can be viewed here.

MLA is now seeking to partner with industry co-investors such as producers and brand owners to develop customised programs to pact on the findings and recommendations in this report.


Title Size Date published
2.7MB 22/01/2018


Contract No. Title Start date End date Funding type
Value adding goatmeat for Australian consumers
01/05/2017 01/11/2017

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