Livestock Production Assurance

LPA-DEVICE-A-POS.jpgThe Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program is your pledge that the meat from your farm has been produced safely. Your LPA accreditation means you stand by what you sell.

When you tick the box on your National Vendor Declaration form, you are guaranteeing your on-farm practices meet LPA requirements. Your tick must be backed up by accurate farm records.

As industry’s on-farm food safety program, LPA meets the stringent requirements of domestic and export markets, providing assurance of the safety of Australian beef, lamb and goat meat.



National vendor declarations

The LPA National Vendor Declaration (LPA NVD) is the main document behind Australia’s meat and livestock food safety reputation.

Effective 16 November 2015, the LPA Advisory Committee withdrew recognition of all versions of the LPA NVDs except the most current versions. The current versions that will remain valid are:

  • the April 2013 (0413) version for Cattle, EU Cattle, Sheep and Lambs, and Goats
  • the April 2012 (0412) version for Bobby Calves

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Producer accreditation

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LPA accreditation is linked to property identification codes. The PIC owner (or representative) is responsible for ensuring on-farm management systems meet LPA requirements. Producers must be accredited to access and use LPA NVDs.

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