Livestock transactions and movements

Why do we need to record livestock movements?

Recording livestock movements ensures treatments and exposure to food safety hazards are traceable. If a food safety issue occurs and livestock are not fully traceable, the source of the problem may be impossible to identify. All livestock needs to be fully traceable to allow a fast and efficient response. This will minimise any potential harm to people or animals, and protect the reputation of Australian red meat. Our customers expect our product to be fully traceable.

How can producers meet this LPA requirement?

To comply with this requirement regarding livestock transactions and movements, livestock owners must:

  • Record all livestock purchases and sales
  • Keep copies of all LPA NVDs
  • Record the vendor’s name, address and PIC for all introduced livestock
  • Record livestock details/description
  • Keep records of animals purchased while within a withholding period (WHP)/export slaughter interval (ESI)
  • When moving livestock between two or more of their own properties complete an LPA NVD if those properties have separate PICs
  • Regularly review the checklist

What must be done with regard to NLIS?

The NLIS is Australia's system for identification and traceability of livestock. Together with the LPA program and LPA NVDs, it forms part of Australia’s red meat integrity system. It enables cattle, sheep and goats to be traced from property of birth to slaughter for:

  • Biosecurity
  • Meat safety
  • Product integrity
  • Market access

All livestock movements onto or off a PIC must be recorded on the NLIS database in accordance with NLIS requirements. Established to enhance our ability to track livestock during disease and food incidents, NLIS provides the information that maximises market access for Australian red meat globally.

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