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FWFA Webinar Series: Understanding forecasts and on-farm management of climate and variability

23 Sep 2020 01:00PM - 23 Sep 2020 02:00PM

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Location: Online

The objective of the FWFA project is to realise significant productivity and profitability improvements for Australia’s primary producers, through:

  • Generating new knowledge and technologies to provide unique forecasts of extreme climate and weather events for at least nine (9) agricultural industries.
  • Strengthening pathways to extend the results of rural R&D, including understanding the barriers to adoption, by providing a direct link between research groups, regional and industry-specific reference groups and agribusiness supply chains.
  • Establishing and fostering industry and research collaborations that form the basis for ongoing innovation and growth of Australian agriculture.

In order for any forecast to create value, it must be understood by the end user (with sufficient confidence) for them to be able to make timely decisions.

In this webinar, Graeme Anderson, Climate Specialist from Agriculture Victoria will share insights from his multiple engagements (via FWFA and related projects) with rural communities along the modern forecast output spectrum on understanding weather forecasts, seasonal outlooks & climate change projections. While each of these timescales contribute to climate risk management in agriculture, they each share communication challenges and opportunities.

The Q & A session following Graeme’s presentation will be facilitated by Professor Richard Eckard, Director of the Primary Industries Climate Challenges Centre at the University of Melbourne.

You are warmly invited to register for the webinar by clicking the ‘Register Here’ link below.

 For those unable to attend - this webinar will be recorded and made available on the PICCC website in the fortnight following broadcast.

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